Renaissance Bob

Robert Leahy, PhD

Authentic Educating

Authentic educating describes methods that can be used in every discipline and strategies that work in classrooms from elementary to graduate school. It is a philosophic and practical approach to educating, developed to help people move toward authenticity.

Authenticity entails thinking about fairness and equality, feeling care for and intimacy with others, and acting through dialogue to understand others and reciprocity to treat them fairly.

Authentic educating aims to develop citizens of the world to overcome racism, sexism, and other biases in order to create a better world.

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Take the Educational Philosophy Inventory to assess your educational philosophy. Research indicates that many teachers and aspiring teachers are philosophically supportive of authentic educating. What excites me about it is working with students and teachers to help them understand concepts from mathematics, to chemistry, to music and language arts in ways that engage them cognitively and emotionally.